Number 1 Welnez Condo Center of Pattaya

Pattaya is a world-class tourist city with many tourists, both tour groups and FITs, coming to stay. Currently, there are still businessmen and experts from various countries coming to work in the EEC according to the framework that the Thai government has laid out.
Demand for staying in a 4-star city center hotel for those who invest in the EEC project and those who come for in-depth tourism. The rate is very high because Thailand has no conflicts regarding religion, war, or natural disasters. It also has warm weather, year-round markets, and outstanding soft power.
Grandsmile Welnez Pattaya consists of 100 condominiums and land for hotel construction. which can create up to 2-3 floors of underground parking with a location in the heart of the city on the sea side Next to Sukhumvit and Arunothai roads, it is in the color plan that allows construction. In addition, the 60-unit condo building has already been approved by the Environmental Committee or EIA, so it can be chosen that Need a license to be a condo or hotel.
9 customer needs To build a 5 star hotel for EEC Expat
1. Location next to the main road Convenient to travel to work and travel.
2. Near restaurants, massage shops, department stores, pubs, bars, movie theaters, hospitals.
3. Have breakfast
4. Health Center / Garden / BBQ / Ozone Pool / Ion Steam / Oxygen Room / Hydrogen Room / CBD THC Terpene Room
5. Meeting room, live broadcast room, work desk, filing cabinet, computer, printer
6. Reception, convenience care, security guards, CCTV cameras for 24-hour safety.
7. Convenient parking, sufficient parking.
8. The room must be clean, with clean, sterile linens, internet of at least 1Gb, and a projector.
9. The room is clean, sterile, with good air, has mosquito screens, cool air, and appropriate humidity in the air.

At present, both Thai people and foreigners The importance of health and medical tourism has greatly increased. But there are only a few service providers who can answer this problem, such as foreigners who travel to Pattaya. Most of them have high blood pressure, diabetes, and insomnia. But instead, they have to stay in hotels that are very expensive and do not meet their health needs.

 Soft Power, whether it's food, spa, or Thai massage, is mostly relaxation, not therapy, so it's not yet at the level that customers want.

Welnez Condo for long-term tourists for good health, strength, and longevity was born. By Wang Nam Khiao Community Medical Group There are many health technologies that have already been filed for both patents and petty patents.

In the area of ​​health accommodation In every room there will be an emphasis on the Fresh Air system, PM2.5 free, and hydrogen ion drinking water. There is ozone and ion air treatment to promote health, sterilize, deodorize, and there is no Access Point installed, but will only use Wifi from the LAN cable.

Service Zone

1. The only place in Thailand that treats and rehabilitates serious diseases. Both health-related patents and petty patents are available in the same place.

2. Ozone pool, chlorine-free and ion steam.

3. Garden against serious diseases aloe vera And the tree refused to die.

Suitable for doctors and medical personnel.

4. HiOxy daytime bedroom: deep sleep, adding oxygen to the body to accelerate the creation of new cells, therefore suitable for elderly people.

5. HiOxygen Ion Steam Room 107. Breathe to the top of your lungs with oxygen during the ion steam treatment. Soak your feet in ozone water and have a foot massage to disperse the sugar in room 108.

6. Aromatherapy, Gua Sha, Thai massage room for relaxation and therapy.

7. Slow Life Room 118 / Active Room 119

8. Healthy food restaurant, size 220 square meters.

Note: Ownership of the condominium unit Foreigners can own 49% in the heart of Pattaya. Common fee is only 15 baht per square meter. 2 swimming pools, parking for 20 cars.

Visitors: 170,375